Fragments from the Castle of Nagyvázsony (around 1500)

Reliefs with rider: fragments of frieze in relief with Roman type letters. Details of landscape and building (lizard, leafage, loop-holes and windows on building, riders on ascending and rearing horses foreshortened). It is not known which building it was intended for, perhaps it was the side stone of a tomb.

Fragmentary friezes with armed men: four armed men clumsily portrayed can be seen between trees with stylised leafage on rocks rigidly arranged. Heads are identical, and movements are rather symbolic than realistic. In spite of its clumsiness, it is a major work of art because reliefs with figures can hardly be found among remains from the Jagello period, except for tomb covers. Neither subject matter, nor function is clear (perhaps it was the side stone of a tomb), and it is not known either how it was related to the other carving of higher standard.

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