(1870, Ungvár - 1961, Budapest)

Sculptor. He was a pupil of Simon Hollósy in Munich and that of Auguste Rodin in Paris. His early works ("Kain") were marked by impressionism. He travelled to Florence in 1902 where he joined the society of A. Hildebrand ("Dancer", and "First Couple"). From that year onwards he spent most of his time in Florence, and settled down in Hungary only after 1934.

His statues were exhibited in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, London, Cologne and Amsterdam. During the years from 1923 to 1934 when he lived in Florence, his art was influenced by the abstract style of cubism, but later it returned to classic traditions. He was awarded several prizes in Vienna, Paris, London and San Francisco.

Some of his statues were erected in Florence and Switzerland. After 1945, he was engaged in monumental tasks. "The Fountain of Peace", a composition of several figures, was erected only after his death. His statuettes created after 1945 ("Hammering the Scythe" and "Drinking Boy") were more realistic both in subject and form. He was engaged in designing tombs ("Sarbó Tomb", "Relief" on the tomb of Károly Kernstok's father). His style was first influenced by Rodin, then cubism and later classicism.

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