VASS, Elemér
(1887, Budapest - 1957, Tihany)

Painter. He studied under the instructions of Henrik Papp in the School of Industrial Art, then toured France and Italy. His works appeared in exhibitions from 1912. He worked as a military painter during the war and his paintings of the war were put on show in the National Salon in 1918. He travelled to the Netherlands in 1920 and held a comprehensive exhibition of his artworks in Amsterdam in 1928. He lived mainly in Italy and Southern France. He organised six collective exhibitions in the Ernst Museum from 1921 to 1932, and displayed a collection of his works of art in 1936 and 1938 in the Fränkel Salon, then in 1935 he settled in the Hungarian town of Zebegény. His fine paintings of a greyish tone born at this time witness the influence of István Szőnyi and Róbert Berény. In 1921 he won an award of the Budapest Art Gallery, and in 1922 he was awarded the Fränkel Prize. A lot of his works were destroyed in the war.

He worked in Tihany from 1946. This is place where his art matured and developed a characteristic, individual style and this is the time when his colourism, the radiating, enlivening power of his colours developed into fullness. His postimpressionist style developed under the influence of Matisse and other similar trends. For the most part he painted landscapes and still-lifes. He held a very successful exhibition in the Csók Gallery, Budapest in 1957. His commemorative exhibition was held in Veszprém in 1966. Many of his works are kept in the Hungarian National Gallery.

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