(1861, Görgő - 1928, Budapest)

Painter. He studied in Vienna, Munich and in Benczúr's master school in Budapest. Initially, he painted genres (Delicious Dish, La Dame aux Camélias), and later, as a result of his long travels (Italy, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, India, Japan) he turned his focus onto exotic themes. Odalisques, eunuchs, Saracens are depicted in his pictures in scrupulous detail, meticulous representation. His painting art, an imitation of Gyula Benczúr's style was very popular in its age. Several of his works are now held in the Hungarian National Gallery. He had exhibitions in Paris and London in 1907, in the Budapest Art Gallery in 1909 and in the National Salon in 1917. The Auction Mart organised an exhibition of his heritage in 1929.

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