SZŐNYI, István
(1894, Újpest - 1960, Zebegény)


Tempera on canvas, 130 x 90 cm
Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Szőnyi deliberately avoided traps of changing subject matters and styles. He was faithful to Zebegény, a treasure for him. His personal experiences together with his efforts produced such masterworks as "Evening". His lyric realism and humanity unfold best in this picture. In the scene at dawn everything is present which belongs to harmonic life as Szőnyi sees it: a mother breastfeeding her baby, a tired and gentle father and a typical farm-yard around them. It is a quiet and peaceful evening in a village surrounded by hills. With this picture, Szőnyi created a 20th c. idyll, the symbol of healthy beauty, and a positive attitude to natural everyday life. It is a milestone in composition and harmony of colours in his oevre.

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