(1881, Gyoma - 1945, Budapest)

Sculptor, a representative of academism. He was a pupil of Lajos Mátrai at the School of Applied Arts. His first major work was the two additional figures of the "Vásárhelyi Memorial". He enrolled in the Julian Academy in Paris in 1903. He settled down in Hódmezővásárhely in 1905 where he created "Taking Leave", a typical example of genre sculpture on a subject taken from country life. He moved to Budapest in 1910. Pásztor was awarded the Gold Medal of the World Exhibition in Barcelona in 1929. He was killed in a raid.

He modelled female nudes ("The Expelled", "Primavera", etc.), portraits ("Beethoven", "Munkácsy") and tombs ("Károly Bartha"). He produced several tombs ("Gvadányi", "Csokonai", etc.) between 1930-1940. The most remarkable product of this period is the gently modelled female figure of the "Kazinczy Memorial". Instead of a baroque approach of academic memorials, classicism characterizes the equestrian statue of "Ferenc Rákóczi II" best.

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