NAGY, Sándor
(1869, Németbánya - 1950, Gödöllő)

Ave Myriam

Tempera and oil on gypsum, 89 x 60 cm
Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Sándor Nagy's paintings and drawings reflect the Gödöllő Art Colony's striving for the purification of the spirit. His artistic idiom is subordinated to literary and symbolic reference and a striving for a clear moral stance. A case in point is Ave Myriam, which is part of a cycle depicting the moral development of the artist's own life in its progress towards beauty and perfection. At the beginning of the cycle the artist discovers the evangelical tenets, then, finding a wife, experiences the joyous beauty of life and reaches fulfilment with the birth of a child. The artist and his wife are shown attaining the joy which comes from a life shared with others.

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