MOLNÁR, József
(1821, Zsámbék - 1899, Budapest)

Painter. After his studies in Venice, Rome and Munich, he settled down in Stuttgart where he lived mostly on portrait painting. In 1853 he returned to Hungary and was engaged in painting historic pictures and landscapes in Pest. The picture, "The Self-Sacrifice of Knight Dezső" with its romantic sweep is a milestone in the development of Hungarian historic painting. On of his best works is "Shipwrecked" inspired by Géricault, a French painter. After "The Recapture of Buda Castle", he painted mostly landscapes and genre pictures, a very good example for the latter is "Tryst". He painted a lot of pictures of High Tatra. The delicate colours and pleasant details make him a distinguished representative of landscape painting before Géza Mészöly. His style combined elements of biedermeier and romantic painting.

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