(1875, Barsvörösvár - 1941, Budapest)

Sculptor, architect and industrial artist. He was an apprentice first and worked hard to learn as a private pupil in Budapest and in Vienna. Maróti, who was a versatile artist, received recognition mainly for his monumental sculpture compositions ("György Ráth Tomb", "Fountain with Duck", etc.) and statues to decorate facades of palaces in Budapest, e.g. Gresham, Credit Bank (now the Ministry of Finance), Bank of Commerce (now Ministry of the Interior), Savings Bank of Pest (now Development Bank). He was commissioned to plan exhibition halls and pavillions (Venice, Milan, and Turin, etc.).

Of his works abroad, the glass dome of the Theatre in Mexico, its interior design, the group of bronze and granite statues as well as frescoes of the Fisher Building in Detroit, the lighthouse of the Livingstone Memorial made of white marble, the reconstruction plans of Salamon Temple and its gold vessels in the British Museum made his name well-known in foreign countries. After his return to Budapest in 1931, he became a teacher at the School of Applied Arts and held lectures on modelling at the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University, Budapest.

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