(1890, Pécs - 1942, Belgrade)

Péter Dobrovics (Petar Dobroviæ), painter, Hungaro-Serbian minority politician of Croatian descent, President of the Baranya-Baja Serbo-Hungarian Republic. After graduating from the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts he continued his education in Paris. He had exhibitions in Budapest from 1911; his oil painting entitled 'Bohemians' was bought by the Museum of Fine Arts (1917). He was elected to be President of the Baranya-Baja Serbo-Hungarian Republic proclaimed on 14 August 1921, the day when the occupation of Pécs by the Serbs was terminated. However, this state configuration survived only for a mere 6 days. After the failure of this attempt he continued his art studies in Belgrade. For a while he even functioned as a teacher at the Art Academy in Belgrade. He lived permanently in Dalmatia. Initially he was an impressionist, later he became a cubist, and finally he was regarded as one of the leading figures of Serbian colourism. He painted mainly portraits and landscapes. The Paris Museum of Modern Arts has two of his pictures.

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