BERÉNY, Róbert
(1887, Budapest - 1953, Budapest)

Woman Playing the Violoncello

Oil on canvas, 135 x 102 cm
Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

The picture has become very popular since the exhibiton held in commemoration of Berény in 1963. Berény portrays a woman is absorbed in playing the violoncello and the experience music can produce if one is listening to music. The same way as bars follow one another, details of the picture attract the eye: the violoncello arranged diagonally, the two feet in opposite directions,and arms, hands and fingers are working hard. These details are completed by the parquet of the floor and a symbolic curtain closing down the background. Berény goes on with his search of organic connections between real space and the plain projection of the picture. It is obvious from form that they were arranged by a searching mentality of the artist. One can find signals of stylization in every single detail radiating emotional effects besides their role to make onev sense plane and space in his compositions with architecture. The decorative rhythm indicates musical effect, emotions and a deep emotional bias towards the model.

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